GDPR – General Data Protection Regulations


GDPR – stands for General Data Protection Regulation, which will create stronger data protection laws within Europe, making the region the safest in terms of data protection worldwide.

The GDPR considers any data that can be used to identify an individual as personal data. It includes for the first time information such as:

  • genetic
  • mental
  • cultural
  • economic
  • social


The regulation requires all public and private sector organisations, in fact, anyone that holds personal data across the 28 EU member countries to comply with the regulation.

Even after Brexit, UK organisations will still need to comply if they hold any personal data of EU citizens.

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires us to make changes to our existing policies regarding the processing of personal information about individuals. This includes information about you – our customers, whose data we are required to hold in accordance with our business practices under BHPA’s Certification Schemes.

Personal data is information such as a name, address, email address, telephone number, date of birth or bank account details which makes a person capable of being identified or identifiable. Limited data of your medical conditions are required for the purpose of confirming your suitability to undertake the tandem flights or train in our environment.

It is important that you as customers are notified that BHPA (and any other third parties to whom we provide details) hold and process personal information about you.

How will this affect our customers?

  • Consumers will have more protection by GDPR and will be able to remain anonymous
  • Consumers will make it more difficult for businesses to track their behaviours and trends if they do not wish to share data
  • Individuals can exercise a ‘right to be forgotten’, a ‘right of data portability’, enhanced rights of access to their data and enhanced rights to demand the end of use of their data
  • They will also be able to SUE entities for compensation if they are distressed by acts of non-compliance

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

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