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Groupon agreement

As per the terms of our co-operation agreement there is a 28 days period after expiry for redemption of all valid vouchers to be completed. If they have not been redeemed within this time, then the vouchers cannot be redeemed in your Merchant Center. statement

According to this, we are not able to redeem the voucher because 28 days period has passed after the date of the expiry of the voucher.
If you have not asked us to extend your voucher promptly, we will not be able to offer you paragliding tandem flight experience.

Unfortunately, Groupon does not recognise the bad weather, nor your inability to make it for the paragliding tandem flight experience. In these circumstances, we would suggest seeking immediate help from Groupon in refunding your payment if it is at all possible. We will issue an official company response confirming that you have NOT USED the voucher to date.

We hate to lose you as a customer and are still keen on offering our paragliding tandem flight experience to you. We will not be able to do so through the Groupon voucher system.

Talk to us If you have been able to get a full refund from Groupon and still wish to have the paragliding tandem flight experience.

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