The name says it all!

With our new, all-round innovative and certified harness by Papillon, the name says it all. Whoever thought of this is a GENIUS – hence the name of the harness.

GENIUS offers incredibly comfortable seating as well as the very high safety standard throughout with the innovative foam protector. This light all-round harness is offering comfort with highest quality and performance – it’s built for paragliding adventurers.

The GENIUS was designed as a sporting all-round harness. Thereby, the light design and slim shape emphasise that sporty character.

In this joint venture with U-Turn, we have come up with Genius.

The harness was certified on 27th September 2019.

Please see the full report HERE courtesy of DHV.DE

THE NAME SAYS IT ALL Certification: YES-LTF2009 Skill set: ALLROUND | CP | PILOT Sizes: S | M | L DHV SAFETY CLASS Stock: In Stock | 48hrs

Genius is aimed at all pilots who are looking for a sporty all-round harness with very high comfort and safety. It is suitable for beginners, recreational pilots as well as ambitious pilots who prefer a seat harness. As usual, the emphasis has been placed on maximum protection - and thereby the newly developed foam protector achieved the top damping values of 23,45 grams in DHV testing.

GENIUS offers very high safety standards.

The GENIUS can be easily adjusted to the particular needs of the pilot. The differentiated adjustment possibility of seating board and back tilt paired with the elaborate suspension system provide optimized adaptation and very high level of seating comfort. It has a continuous suspension to facilitate the transition to a sitting position after the take-off.

A modular agility system offers three flight modes. Thus, the agility can be adapted to the individual feel - good needs from subdued to dynamic.

      1. The first level GREEN helps to dampen the reaction and even compensates for performing wings
      2. At the middle level YELLOW the damping and movement keeps the balance
      3. The third level RED movements are transferred as in sport mode undamped.

The three levels are colour-coded and can be adjusted to the personal pilot's needs before the flight.

The leg loops are padded with neoprene and are closed outwards - which prevents uncomfortable pressure in the crotch area.

The ergonomically formed seating board, our latest in-house development, combines particular robust features and high break resistance with low weight (size M weighs 4.0kg). Extra seating comfort is provided by a honeycomb seat board, which, despite its robust properties and high breaking strength, is stretchable and provides additional cushioning.

The rescue container pocket is positioned directly under the seating board and the easy-pull force enables fast deployment with very short arm travel. With its high placement, the rescue handle ensures quick access and triggering of the rescue system with little effort near the centre of the gravity. Additionally, the pocket is slotted, for ease of pulling out the reserve.

The particularly easy pull-out side container enables the smooth release of the rescue system even if the direction of movement is in at an angle of 90 degrees.

For the main suspension, we used high abrasion resistance and hard-wearing material with a Kevlar core. The loops are colour-coded and present the perfect supplement to colour coding of the risers on all of our gliders.

Genius was created in the hard everyday practice in close cooperation with over 25 Papillon flight instructors and developers from U-Turn. It has taken almost two years for the detailed development implementations.

The harness with the sporty elegance offers a new level of seating comfort with the highest safety standard far beyond the certification standards. Bridle hook emergency knife is integrated into the outer pocket.

The spacious back compartment is equipped with an integrated hanging loop and opening for the drinking tube system.


High-quality materials were used on the entire harness, and in addition we have fitted the original Ronstan Orbit Speed ​​wheels to optimize the use of the speed-bar when accelerating.The use of state-of-the-art high-tech fabrics in combination with the elaborate workmanship ensures solid longevity and low weight.

For all attachments, we used the durable original Austrial-pin carabiners.The two main suspension straps are reinforced with a Kevlar core fabric jacket and carry the red/green Color Code Connection (CCC) colour code found on all of our Papillon wings.

This pattern was followed even with the specially developed, twist-lock carabiners with colour-coordinated safety closures.

Genius is available at this time and it comes in three sizes - S, M and L.

Enhanced details and functionality on GENIUS harness:

  • Zipped pockets on both sides
  • Generously sized back compartment
  • Drinking tube opening and suspension flap
  • Hard-wearing outer shell
  • Optimized speed bar flow
  • Retaining elastic band
  • Simplified rescue system
  • Innovative foam protector
  • Ergonomically formed seating board
  • Kevlar-strengthened suspension loops
  • RED / GREEN Colour Code Connection straps and Austrial-pin carabiners
  • Leg straps closing outwards
Weight [kg] 3.8kg 4.0kg 4.2kg
Towing capacity [kg] max 120 kg max 120 kg max 120 kg
Seat board width [cm] 34cm 36cm 39cm
Suspension height [cm] 39cm 44cm 46cm
Chest strap width [min/max - cm] 31-47cm 33-47cm 37-53cm
Chest strap height [cm] 36cm 40cm 43cm
Seaat Depth [cm] 42cm 46cm 48cm
Back Adjustment [min/max - cm] 9-18cm 9-21cm 10.5-21cm
Back Section [cm] 54cm 55cm 59cm
Harness certification/
Protector certification
LTF NFL II-91/09 and NfL 2-60-14
EN 1651:1999
LTF NFL II-91/09 and NfL 2-60-14
EN 1651:1999
LTF NFL II-91/09 and NfL 2-60-14
EN 1651:1999


The harness will be shipped to worldwide destination FREE of charge. The content of the package is as follows:

  • Harness
  • Downloadable manual HERE