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The sporty all-rounder

He is lightweight. He forgives mistakes. And he offers flying fun – not only for mountaineers and cross-country pilots.

If you are preparing for the launch with your Raqoon, you know that it doesn’t take much to start, because this is what the Raqoon was designed for. With its hybrid properties, it starts with 30% less wind and running. The control phase becomes easier. Its properties in the air also help you: with its lighter canopy it wants to lead you into the thermals.

Whether in gliding or thermals: thanks to the latest technologies such as HPCD, PPN and BGS, the RAQOON offers flight characteristics that were previously only known from the competition class – and this in the EN-A segment.

Certification: EN/LTF A
Skill set: CP | PILOT
Sizes: XS | S | SM | M | L | XL


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Beginner Intermediate
A1 A2 A3 B1 B2 B3


Its launch behaviour is extremely simple and good-natured. Even in zero wind, the lightweight canopy reliably climbs above the pilot with little effort. In addition, the RAQOON’s excellent low-speed flight characteristics allow a low take-off speed, allowing you to maintain a longer control phase at take-off.

The RAQOON is based on the latest findings of flow simulation. Complex calculations of the High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) not only reduce weight, but also maximize cross-ventilation of the Crossports. The efficiency of the system is already evident in the lifting phase. It provides a very fast pressure build-up and gives the wing a balanced internal pressure during flight.

The 3D-shaping and optimized wing prestressing ensure perfect airflow, while the Precision Profile Nose System (PPN) ensures optimum airflow to the profile. Miniribs and the Brake Gathering System (BGS) help the profile achieve greater shape fidelity at the rear edge and transfer control impulses precisely to the wing.

A very straightforward line concept with just a few main lines ensures easy handling and a good overview for ground handling. The risers are equipped with the Pilot Assistant (PAS) – in addition to the colour markings, icons provide a better orientation of the line levels.

Only high-quality durable materials were used for the material mix. When it comes to porosity, the lightweight material with double coating is clearly superior to heavy materials. This is now confirmed by long-term results and thus refute the myth that heavier materials should achieve better check results

Precision Profile Nose

The risers are equipped with an innovative trimmer system. The effective system prevents the warping of the profile by not only accelerating the D and C level, but also changing the B level in relation to the angle of attack.

High Pressure Crossport

Our design provides an ideal cross aeration of the crossports, that helps to balance the pressure differences on the inside of the wing efficiently and therefore ensures a balanced internal pressure in the whole wing.

Pilot Assistent System

Color-codings as well as icons are providing a fast overview – to have better orientation on the risers.

3D Shape

The 3D shaping is providing specific tension control of the wing and therefore optimized balooning and wrinkle-free outline guidance.

Mini Ribs

Mini ribs are optimizing the wing profile alongside the trailing edge and are thereby providing a better braking characteristics.

RAQOON 55 60 80 85 100 120
Recommended Start weight * 60-70 kg 60-85 kg 80-95 kg 85-105 kg 100-120 kg 120-140 kg
Extended Start weight ** 60-80 kg 60-95 kg 80-110 kg 85-115 kg 100-130 kg 120-150 kg
Flat area 23 m² 25,5 m² 28,5 m² 30 m² 31,5 m² 35 m²
Projected area 19,119 m² 21,197 m² 23,691 m² 24,938 m² 26,184 m² 29,51 m²
Flat wingspan 10,724 m 11,292 m 11,937 m 12,247 m 12,55 m 13,323 m
Projected wingspan 8,273 m 8,711 m 9,209 m 9,449 m 9,682 m 10,278 m
Flat AR 5 5 5 5 5 5
Projected AR 3,58 3,58 3,58 3,58 3,58 3,58
V-trim ~ 37-39 km/h ~ 37-39 km/h ~ 37-39 km/h ~ 37-39 km/h ~ 37-39 km/h ~ 37-39 km/h
V-max 52 + km/h 52 + km/h 52 + km/h 52 + km/h 52 + km/h 52 + km/h
Nr. of cells 36 36 36 36 36 36
Glider weight 3,45 kg 3,75kg 3,95 kg 4,25kg 4,55 kg 4,85 kg
Speed system / trimmer Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No
Certification No. EAPR-GS-0665/17 EAPR-GS-0666/17 EAPR-GS-0667/17 EAPR-GS-0668/17 EAPR-GS-0669/17 EAPR-GS-0670/17

The glider will be shipped to worldwide destination FREE of charge. The content of the package is as follows:

  • Paraglider
  • Inner Bag
  • Compression Strap
  • Downloadable manual HERE