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OK, you are probably thinking or already have purchased a voucher for your tandem paragliding experience.

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Frequently asked questions
Now, we need you to fill in the Voucher Booking Form that can be found HERE. – no booking form = no flying.Our operations are weather dependent, making it difficult for us to choose the days we fly on. Regardless, we will endeavour to have your special dates in mind.We are influenced by the weather and the dates and space allocations will be updated on the main page and on our FB page, hence we have to work together on the choice of the dates.We are running regular posts on our FB page as per flyable dates within 3-5 days. Please check our page on daily basis or just befriend us and you will be automatically receive updates.Every question in the form has to be answered in order to allocate the appropriate equipment, instructor and deal with the logistics.

You will also find there a Medical Questionnaire which we need you to fill in as well. It is to be completed by every participant. no medical questionnaire = no flying.

Please note that self-declaration is sufficient unless you are over 60 years of age or suffer from any illness or injury that may affect you during your paragliding course/tandem flight, then this document should be countersigned by your GP. In any other case, self-declaration is sufficient.


Normally the takeoffs and landings are very smooth, but being a sport that depends completely on the wind, there may be circumstances beyond piloting that make the landing may be less smooth than expected, so we advise you to wear a footwear according to the activity that is going to be done, such as trekking boots that cover the ankle, if you do not have boots, then sports shoes.


The clothes are essential for the comfort of each one, come dressed in mountain clothes, sweatshirts, fleece … It all depends on how chilly you are, there are people who are hot and other people need more layers … In the case you don’t have adequate clothing, we will provide you with a flight suit or a jacket and gloves so you don’t go cold. Make sure you have some water and windproof top layer, thin gloves and a hat to go under your helmet.

Paragliding is weather dependent, and if days are lost through bad weather we will extend or reschedule your flights at no additional cost. You should understand that although we make every effort to complete flights as soon as practical, we cannot be responsible for the weather. We regret that we cannot offer refunds.


We will be able to give more information about weather conditions within 3-5 days of your desired dates.  We will also keep you informed on a daily basis of dates with the best weather conditions for the flights. This will be by the means of emails or you could befriend or just visit us on our Facebook page where we announce the next possible days for the tandem flights. The tandem flights will be allocated on the first come – first served basis.

On the date of the flight, you will become a BHPA member for the day at the cost of £16.00 per person. Prior to the flight, you will be asked to read and confirm understanding of the membership conditions by countersigning. The membership offers a public liability and third-party insurance up to £5,000.000.

The BHPA provides automatic third party insurance for its members, but if personal or travel insurance is required, this should be obtained from an independent insurance broker.

JS Insurance, will provide an offline insurance. For any enquiries please call 0800 0475065 and ask for Chris Hollingsworth.

Flights with children or passengers weighing less than 45kg will be done in the first and last hour: 10 am and 16 pm, 18 or 20h (depending on the time of year). We need the conditions where there is no turbulence in the air when carrying little weight.

Please refer HERE to other details if you wish us to fly your children.

It is very important that you understand your role in our tandem flight. You are our co-pilot and it is utmost important that you do what you are told. Prior to the flight, we will have a briefing in regards to what we can do and what we can’t do. This is all in the effort to create a safe environment and to have good times on the hill and in flight.

I am looking forward to giving you lots of fun and memorable experience.

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CP Advanced

1 on 1 with instructor
  • Full Day
  • Tandem Flight
  • Advanced techniques

Tandem Pilot

BHPA tandem license
£740/ course
  • Five Days
  • Assessment
  • BHPA Instructor Exam

Unique experience for unique occasions

Having a Party?

Why don’t you make the craziest party ever, invite your guests or colleagues for a tandem flight and fun day out? As low as £900.00 per person (8 people)